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Kool and the Gang

Kool and the Gang
I am a wife and mother of two. I am a hairstylist and own a studio salon. I love hair, beauty, fashion, and photography! A few other things I love: Baskin Robbins, flan, anything with cream cheese, being outdoors, children and babies, fat baby feet, puppy breath, bright colors, fake eyelashes, Sarcasm, backpack purses, any dance show, anything that is practical yet with a punch!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So I finally did it.

I installed Google Analytics. I know I said I didn't want to know. But I do. And I didn't mess up my blog this time. It is tracking info as we speak. The first day I was scared. I was scared to check the numbers. I was scared it would say 1 vistor. 1 vistor in Arizona. That, 1, vistor being ME. But it didn't say 1. So I was relieved :). I either 1) am a decent photographer that people like seeing my pictures 2) I have scary stalkers 3) I am an internet reality hot mess like Speidi or something and people just read for entertainment. Good Lord I hope not!

But it is kinda cool cause it breaks things all down and lets you know who is new and who isn't. Where people are visiting from. How many times. So I am just getting the hang of all this. I am just learning how the "internet" really works. I have heard of SEO but still not sure what it means. I know it is search engine something. I started putting {blah blah photographer} next to my posts because all the other photographers I follow do it, so I did. Yeah didn't know those are key words for those search engines. So I googled my company name and it came up first which is good. I even googled my name and my site came first too. So I guess those {blah blah} is working. Then when I was on that first Google page I scrolled down a little and something caught my eye. There was a site that said CraziesForum. Love. Live. Photography. Did someone start a forum about me and my photography and name it CrazyForum???? Hahaha. The fact that I even thought that should warrant someone starting a forum about me and calling it Crazy Forum. Then I looked at it and it said LOVE. LIVE not LIVE. LOVE. Whew! But it was funny! But I must admit I do have a little nutty in my blood but hopefully not crazy! My sisters' and I all have it. We call it the Le Girl Syndrome, everyone else (ie: husbands) would probably call it just stubborn :).

But don't all artists have a little something missing???? It is so weird being an "artist". You are your own worse critic, nitpicking yourself to death, feeling insecure about your work and talent. But yet then you also have to have that hard skin and inner motivation to keep perfecting your craft and learning more when you feel like you just suck. Some days you are feelin' it and ready to rock it with ideas coming out of your eyeballs and the next you are scrambling for inspiration. That constant battle within yourself is enough to make you crazy don't you think?

Speaking of artists , here is my budding lil one. Her cousin recently just went to Disneyland and she was so excited looking through his pictures and wanted to go too. So I told her to start saving her dollars. This is her Disneyland bucket she
drew and colored it by herself to put her money I can see at 4 years old she definately has got the artistic gene, lets pray she doesn't get the Le Girl Syndrome!


Meredith said...

I am a reader! I learned to leave comment or as kim said, you look like a blog stalker..btw, she definitely is an srtist.

Live.Love. Photography said...

Thanks Mere for reading! I am SOOOOO a blogstalker!! When I comment on a blog I have never commented before on that's what I put in the comments...BLOGSTALKER REVEALVED :)

C. Le said...

I love the drawing. Could I buy the bucket from her so she can go to Disneyland without waiting?

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

I love that Liv is a budding artist and invitation designer. She can be my assistant!