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Kool and the Gang

Kool and the Gang
I am a wife and mother of two. I am a hairstylist and own a studio salon. I love hair, beauty, fashion, and photography! A few other things I love: Baskin Robbins, flan, anything with cream cheese, being outdoors, children and babies, fat baby feet, puppy breath, bright colors, fake eyelashes, Sarcasm, backpack purses, any dance show, anything that is practical yet with a punch!

Friday, August 21, 2009


So last night I went to hear Joe Buissink, celebrity wedding photographer, speak about his work and his style and just his philosophy. He has a love and passion for the art that shines through to his images. All I can say is Wow.

What I am seeing after meeting all of these amazing photographers, is that they are amazing people foremost. They have hearts for eyes. Truly. None of them talk about settings or post processing or all the technical jargon that all of us newbies are trying to figure out and get the "tips" and "secrets". There really aren't any secrets. The difference is us. You. Me. And no matter how much we learn, WE could never see what HE sees. Or feel what he feels. His moments are different than the moments you and I see. We have to learn to see on our own. And what you see is totally different than another person, and that right there is what sets us apart. He said something last night that had me nodding my head. Actually he said a lot of things that had me doing that. A lot of young photographer's today try to photoshop that image to perfection. Tweeking and tweeking. Or pulling 3 photographs together to make one. He said there is no perfect image. But there are perfect moments. Wow. I like this guy.

To be honest I had heard his name before but never have seen his work. Well, I did, and you have too if you read the celebrity magazines. I even contemplated going to see him speak because it was far. But I am so glad I did. His images are stunning but his mind and his heart are what hooked me. He encouraged us to "see". To open our eyes to moments. To try to see something different. To shoot with our eyes closed and just "see" with our other senses. To shoot and make sure we leave a little of ourselves in our photos. Once on FB a friend commented to me that she could see my personality in all of my photos. At the time I didn't think anything really of it. Now after hearing him speak that was probably one of the best compliments I have ever recieved. And it is affirming that I am on the right track.

He spoke about the charities such as Autism Awareness that he contributes to. What we do as photographers is so great. We have been given talents that can be shared and need to be. He encouraged us to get involved and get rejuvenated and give. Wow. I love this guy. His images were just breathtaking. His wedding clients the likes of Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilara, Jenny Garth, Tiffany-Amber Thiessen, Brendan Fraser, Catherine Zeta Jones and Micheal Douglas, and Jennifer Lopez and many others. At first I had to think about which wedding was this when he showed JLO's. I figured it out though because I recognized her dress. It was the one to the dancer!

Then he talked about his most memorable wedding and it wasn't one of their fabulous weddings. It was one he shot for Make a Wish foundation for a young 8 year old girl with cancer. Her wish was to get married. So they had a wedding for this little girl. The lucky guy was her father. He said there were 150 people there. And it was perfect. And he shot her dancing with her father. And then all three, parents and her. And shortly thereafter she passed away. And I just sat there and tears just rolled down my face. Ugh. I hate when that happens..........because it messes up my eyelashes.

Here is a sneak peek of what's next..............

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Cristi said...

i am so sad i missed his talk but i had an appointment i couldn't change. i loved reading about it through your point of view though. thank you!