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Kool and the Gang
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FAQ- Live Love Style

So recently I was asked by a reader if I would post tips and such for amatuers. At first I was hesitant. Not because I have top secret information or something. But really who do I think I am?? And I didn't want other people to think does this girl think she's the shiz or something? Then I thought a little more and I was like I don't care! Obviously someone thinks I know something if they are asking me right?? I know I don't know everything so I am definately not Faking the Funk or even claiming I have have Funk in the first place. But if you think my so-called shiz stinks, Oh well. Plug your nose. So if you have a question feel free to email me. Might take me time to email you back if it is a detailed question but I will. I am just busy running this and doing hair and being a mom! I have answered some of your questions or at least try to give my personal experience. Editing questions are different because I don't use full version Photoshop. But if you use Elements or Lightroom I can help you! If you use Photoshop maybe you can help ME when I get it!

So first tip, backfocusing. I picked up this little tip online somewhere. Actually everything I have learned was found in the internet. So I guess this how I will pay it forward, BY INTERNET! Backfocusing is the little * button on your camera in the top right corner by the focus point grid (I am a Canon girl, and will be telling how to with a Canon. If you have a Nikon or other camera I am sure they can do the same I just don't know how. Try googling). This seperates the shutter button from focusing. You know when you push it half way to focus and then fully to take the picture and sometimes things move or whatever. Well this will seperate that and you will get better and more focused pictures. However I have heard some don't like using it when shooting kids because they are fast. I mainly shoot children and don't seem to have that problem. Here are the steps to activating the backfocus button:

On a Rebel:

Go to the menu and look for the button with the wrenches and go to Custom Functions. Under Custom Functions go to custom function 4 (Shutter/AE lock button) and set it at 1: AE lock/AF . Set on Al Servo and your done. Now you focus the the * instead of holding the shutter half way

On a 50D (probably the same on 20D/30D/40D but not positive):

Menu. Go to button with the little camera. Scroll to C.FnIV: Operations/Others. Go to number 1. scroll and set at 3-AE lock/Metering + AF start. Go to 2 AF-ON/AE lock button switch and enable it. Set on Al Servo.

On a 5D Mark II:

Its the same. Menu. Camera button. CFnIV:Operations/Others. Under 1 (Shutter button/AF-ON Button) scroll and set at 3-AE lock/Metering + AF Start. Then go to 2 at the top (Af-On/AE lock button switch) and Enable it. Set on Al Servo.

I am off today to meet and go to lunch with a reader who requested to meet me! I was in her Inspiration Blogroll. ME! =) Super cool!

Happy Tuesday and Happy Focusing!

And a post isn't a post without a picture! Some of you have seen this if you follow me on FB. I love my family! This image I will call Stay Focused and Backfocus! Haha. I'm a nerd.

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Hey thanks! I am going to try this.